Killed To Death: Detroit, Assembly Plants, Murder

This book was released before Damone Ramone. A separate WordPress is under consideration. Killed to Death is an urban western and goth love story.

It is set in Detroit auto plants. By the 90s, the jobs portrayed in Killed to Death were mainly automated, but in Wixom Assembly people were still doing these jobs manually on a racing line. This part of the line was a brutal spot welding zone called KD.

The KD zone was often a punishment assignment, the afternoon shift in particular. Still, being sent there was a badge of honor and a special bravado characterized the area. Workers frequently cut their sleeves off to exhibit the muscles that were KD’s inevitable byproduct. This was a violation of safety rules, and if a person was injured while wearing purposefully damaged coveralls, they risked being uncompensated. And indeed, KD’s blasting sparks caused frequent burns, but the pain was small price to pay for the authenticity the scars provided. In Killed to Death, this fiery zone is the starting point for a story of murder and revenge.

The book’s cover art is based on Soviet Socialist Realist posters extolling industry and the industrial worker, subverted with a pulp vibe.


Killed to Death:

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