September 9 on Amazon: Damone Ramone, A Rock and Roll Betrayal.

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Damone Ramone: composer, master tailor, survivalist…and brother to four of the most unscrupulous miscreants in human history. This book is Mr. Ramone’s vital contribution to the 40th Anniversary of punk: the true story of the Ramones. Forty years after their debut LP, the record is set straight.

Mr. Ramone composed the first four Ramones albums, and he has received no credit whatsoever. In 1969 Mr. Ramone’s brothers stole his classical masterpiece CWDSL and then forced him into an extended exile. In 1974 they began performing the work in public, but not before stripping it of its beauty and disguising it as rock and roll. In the ensuing years they beat, ostracized, and discredited their brother at every turn while they went on to fortune and fame. Damone Ramone is the victim of an historical injustice far too great to describe here, but this book reveals all.

Ramones, Leave Home, Rocket to Russia, and Road to Ruin are almost universally regarded as “their” masterpieces. These records inspired a musical revolution, i.e. hoards of shameless imitators that span a continuum ranging from the mildly respectable (Sex Pistols, Negative Approach) to the abhorrent absolute (Green Day). In other words, if you are looking for the true godfather of punk, don’t look to Detroit. Buy this book.

Travel to Queens in the late 1960s, to a big house on Fort Tilden Beach where the Ramones grew up, because contrary to the lie propagated since 1974, they are in fact truly brothers. In addition to the crooks you already know, you’ll be introduced to the other Ramone siblings and their real parents. You’ll be swept up in a tale that stretches from Hungary, Puerto Rico, Cuba, Spain, and the Czech Republic to Queens, France, and Burma, from lofty human ideals to base impulses, from injustice to vindication, from Earth to UY Scuti. And beyond.

(Hey, Severely: why the fuck is Frank Lord’s name on the cover instead of mine? Call the rec-room payphone ASAP.)


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